Welcome To The Clinic

With a passion for People and Clinical Psychology, our values are integral to our business. We are not defined and do not define people by labels and diagnoses, individuals have their own experiences that have influenced their perspectives of themselves, others and the world. Our approach is to consider “What happened?” or “What’s happening?” rather than “What is wrong?” “What’s wrong?” implies there is something broken or damaged in the person, suggesting a responsibility from within, whilst “what happened?” allows for an understanding of experiences that have influenced and continue to impact upon the individual’s life. We use your skills and strengths to develop strategies that allow you to manage or exit unhelpful ways of being and relationships (relationships being with people, animals, food, alcohol, etc), to enable you to survive, thrive and achieve.

We work with young people and adults individually, couples, families, groups, organisations and communities to understand their challenges, what is maintaining these, why or how they came to being and how we can adapt or what we have influence to change to have a positive impact. Our interventions vary in intensity depending upon your needs or desires. We have face to face clinic sessions, online video consultations, or individual distance coaching which can vary in contact needs according to your circumstances.