At Blue Lotus, we are passionate about people, we believe that healthy relationships are integral to our wellbeing. We are a social species; relationships are therefore essential to our very survival. We carefully nurture every individual relationship. We listen with compassion, ensuring that you are heard and understood, therefore enabling us to develop individual plans to overcome your stress and/or distress. We believe that we are not defined and therefore do not define people by labels and diagnoses. We understand that individuals have their own experiences and relationships that influence their perspectives of themselves, others and the world.

Our approach is to consider “What happened?” or “What’s happening?” rather than “What is wrong?” It has been suggested that “What’s wrong?” implies there is something broken or damaged in the person, suggesting a responsibility from within. However, “what happened?” allows for an understanding of experiences and relationships that have influenced and continue to impact upon the individual’s life. We use your skills and strengths to develop strategies that allow you to manage or exit unhelpful ways of being and relationships (relationships being with people, animals, food, alcohol, etc), to enable you to survive, thrive and achieve.

Through out our lives, we experience good health, healthy relationships and exciting times, however we also experience difficult and challenging events, unhealthy relationships and poor health. All of these experiences shape the way we see and understand ourselves, the world and our place within it, and the relationships we have with others.

We offer an opportunity to talk about what happened, what is happening and your hopes for the future. Together, we will listen, reflect and make sense of your experiences with compassion and curiosity. This supports you to facilitate change, enables you to understand your emotional distress, whilst effectively maintaining your well being. We recall and reflect upon your skills and strengths, to utilise these effectively in new situations, as well as developing new strategies to reduce your stress and/or distress.

Together we learn and grow, making progress that we are both proud of, in a relationship that is meaningful to both of us. Meaningful, nurtured and caring relationships are essential to good therapeutic outcomes. At Blue Lotus we take pride in our relationships.