Culture Shock

As an expat, I have lived experience of transition and adjustment to a different country and culture. I can support you and your family upon your journey through the knowledge and wisdom that I have both learned and experienced.

The expat community, ‘Culture shock’ and ‘Third Culture Families’ are a common presentation as the adjustment and transition for families from one place to another becomes apparent. When we make the decision to move to a different country/culture, we make every effort to prepare ourselves and our family, however the lived reality can be very different. We support you through the transition phase, understanding the new and sometimes overwhelming emotions that come with adjusting to a new community, school, organisation and the loss of our friends, family, career, etc. We provide a service for all family members, for example, ‘the trailing spouse’ who’s life is somewhat different, who may feel lonely and alone, isolated in a new community and lifestyle, the person who instigated the move and maybe feels overwhelmed with responsibility, guilt, maybe they are struggling to adjust or don’t know how to support their family members who are struggling, the children who are adjusting to new life, ways of living, culture, school, new friendships, the loss of old friends and family, the list is endless.

Our journey through this voyage of discovery can be turbulent, with harsh emotional ups and downs. Everyone’s journey is different, providing different challenges and experiences along the way, each journey taking its own time to complete. There is no set time to complete your journey, within your family, each person will take a different approach, have different experiences and understanding of these and each will complete their journey at different points in time. We offer support for individuals, families and small groups upon request.