As ‘The bringer of Light’ the Blue Lotus is said to bring health, happiness, protection and guidance. In addition to these, this Blue Lotus provides a therapeutic approach that cultivates kindness, compassion, acknowledgement, courage, wisdom and knowledge, that allows your blue lotus to thrive from its healthy core. The Blue Lotus takes a sacred place in the symbolism of many cultures, religions and beliefs systems. It is regarded by some as the ‘Bringer of Light’ from its association with the Sun God Ra, such a powerful entity bringing life, health, happiness, protection, guidance and much more. Against the odds, rising from mud, this flower emerges from water to float upon the surface to expose its natural beauty for the world to admire.

The growth and development of the Blue Lotus has a number of meanings, rising against the odds from mud, is said to suggest perfection and purity of heart and mind, in addition to long life, honour, health and good luck. Its emergence from water is regarded as a representation of an enlightened being, emerging unharmed from a chaotic and confusing world. Once in blossom, its clean and bright petals are a symbol of purity and resurrection, its partially opened petals signify a knowledge that continues to develop and grow. The flower is usually found to be partially closed at its core, maintaining its safety from full exposure, whilst continuing to grow from within, whilst utilising external sources of life. Ultimately, the Blue Lotus is regarded as a symbol of common sense, wisdom, logic, enlightenment, knowledge and intelligence.

The Blue Lotus Flower has many similarities to us, our wellbeing and our relationships. Just like us, the Blue Lotus survives in the harshest of environments, surviving chaos, threat, fear and confusion. In remaining partially closed at its core, it protects itself from exposure, only its external beauty is visible to the world. Just as we protect ourselves from the exposure of our fears, troubling thoughts, difficult feelings, past experiences, all of our challenges and sometimes ambitions are hidden, with only what we feel able to share with others exposed to the world. Just like the Blue lotus flower, we protect our core through fear of hurt and exposure. Whilst continuing to grow from within, we need to utilise safe, healthy supports that allow us to continue to grow healthily in heart and mind. Enriching your Blue Lotus is an investment in your health and happiness. In my Blue Lotus, you will find a therapeutic approach that cultivates kindness, compassion, courage, and change, that allows your blue lotus to thrive from its healthy core.