Couples and Family Interventions

Relationships are central to our whole being; they are essential to the survival of our species. There are times in our lives when relationships can be difficult and unhelpful, they affect our health and wellbeing in detrimental ways. Being connected to each other is essential to our health and well-being, it helps us to have a sense of belonging, feel valued and valuing others, having a shared understanding and interests. People come together for different reasons. Some people thrive in their connections, whilst others find relationships a little more of a challenge. Throughout the life of any relationship, there are many agreements, and some disagreements, some relationships are closer than others, some relationships we are compelled to maintain, whilst others we may willingly participate less in. When people come together, we have to adjust and change to adapt to each others perspectives, opinions and behaviours. These often change over time as our life circumstances change through our experiences. Making these adjustments together is important for healthy relationships. Relationships can experience challenges as over time, we neglect our relationships as we become preoccupied by other things that are important, e.g. career, other relationships, other experiences. We can take our relationships for granted, believing they will withstand any eventuality, it is often only when they run into difficulty that we feel compelled to adjust and change. Relationships require understanding and nurturing to survive and thrive. Our couples and family interventions give each person a voice in which to be heard and understood, encouraging a helpful conversation that facilitates change.