For those of us who need a little extra push to either get going or to maintain those goals and ambitions that we are trying to achieve, this is the missing link. We have individualised coaching plans that are designed to be as intense as the individual needs.

For some, life feels settled, health is good, however they want to change or add to their life, either through career progression, starting something new, maybe they want to lose weight or improve their physical health, maybe they want to change some old habits that don’t work for them right now and need some support with direction and added focus. For those who need extra assistance achieving their goals, ambitions and maintaining their health and wellbeing, for example, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, making different lifestyle choices, support to remain on target, prevent, protect and prepare plans etc. For some, as they end therapy, a coaching approach can support the transition to maintaining and achieving long term goals. We have individualised coaching plans that can be as intense as the individual requires.